With the legendary 80s show, Knight Rider back on TV, we thought we would also take a trip down memory lane and take you back to when 'The Hoff' Came to Bolton Market.

Shoppers at Bolton Market all wanted to ‘hassle the Hoff’ when Baywatch and Knight Rider star David Hasselhoff made a surprise visit in 2015- and most of The Bolton News reporters turned out to cover the visit!

The TV star made a flying visit to the town to meet with staff at Freeze Factory to thank them for donating money to an army veteran’s charity.

The former Knight Rider star emerged from a grey Bentley to a sea of shocked shoppers, who all wanted a picture with the Hollywood star.

Hasselhoff was at the time starring in the new musical Last Night a DJ Saved My Life in Blackpool.

He said at the time : “It’s fun to be in Bolton."

When The Bolton News pointed out that The Hoff already has a place in Bolton named after him, The Haulgh, the 63-year-old was intrigued.

He said: “There is another place in Nottingham, Hoffs Restaurants. The Hoff was created about 10 years ago and all we have done is gone with it.”

As The Bolton News was talking to the panto star, well-known Bolton Market personality Alain Job, who runs Cameroonian food stall Nkono arrived at the shop, and made himself known by shouting in his trademark style.

Hasselfhoff was nonplussed by the shouting, and says wherever he goes, everyone shouts: “Don’t hassle The Hoff” at him.

He said: “I have people like that screaming at me all over the world. It doesn’t stop!”

The visit was organised after Lee Thorley, the owner of Freeze Factory, donated £5,000 to the Army Benevolent Fund.

A friend of a friend had a connection to Hasselhoff, and vowed to organise a visit from the star to thank them for their kind-hearted donation.

Hasselhoff added: “We are here for charity. I got involved in this a while back and it is a great charity to be involved with.

“It takes care of wounded warriors, the forgotten heroes. It’s a great charity.”

Freeze Factory managed to keep the visit under wraps, but anticipation started to build as traders and shoppers became aware of the celebrity’s presence.

Jean Nuttall and her friend Joan Blythe were enjoying a cup of tea in the market when they heard Hasselhoff was in town.

The 80-year-old said: “We were just having a drink and overheard he was here, so we made our way down. We managed to get a picture of him as well.”

Staff at Freeze Factory all wore T-shirts with the Twitter hashtag “Freeze Hoff”, and The Hoff himself got in the act by shouting the newly coined catchphrase