Whether you have your own Premium Bonds to keep an eye on or you’re just curious to see how many winners there were in your area this month, look no further.

National Savings and Investment (NS&I) has announced the 2024 April winners – let’s take a look.

Plenty of people won in Greater Manchester with prizes including £1,000 and £100,000.

Four lucky winners took home £100,000 and one was with the bond number 562YA698855.

The Bolton News: The NS&I prize checker tells Premium Bond owners if they've won each monthThe NS&I prize checker tells Premium Bond owners if they've won each month (Image: Getty)

The bond was valued at £10,000 and was bought in December 2023 with an overall holding of £50,000.

The £100,000 prize was also won by those with the following bond numbers - 240VR166392, 538MF737718 and 209PS837547.

Premium Bond prizes won in April 2024 in Greater Manchester

While no one in Greater Manchester won £1 million this month, there are still plenty who won at least £1,000.

  • £1,000,000 – 0
  • £100,000 – 4
  • £50,000 – 4
  • £25,000 – 3
  • £10,000 – 11
  • £5,000 – 25
  • £1,000 – 250

How to see if you’ve won on Premium Bonds

You can check your account via the NS&I website. 

Prize draws are conducted every month and prizes up to £1,000,000 are given away.

To find out if you have ever won a Premium Bonds prize, you will need to dig out your holder's information and head over to the prize checker.

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You will need your holder’s number which you can find on your bond record.

Or find your holder's number via the app.

You can also use your NS&I number which you should be able to find on any communication about your bonds.