Medical equipment which could save a life if someone suffers "traumatic" injuries has been put in place in a Horwich pub.

Horwich Inner Wheel has raised money for bleed control kits to be housed at The Crown on Chorley New Road. 

The installation of the equipment is in support of Lynne Baird’s charity The Daniel Baird Foundation

In 2017, 26-year-old Daniel was stabbed outside a pub in Birmingham on a night out with his friends. There were no first aid or bleed kits available, and he died in hospital due to catastrophic bleeding. 

The Bolton News: At The CrownAt The Crown (Image: Horwich Inner Wheel)

His mother Lynne has been campaigning since his death for the equipment to be made available to anyone in the event of a traumatic injury. 

The kits were developed by the charity and are endorsed by the West Midlands Ambulance Service. The campaign's slogan is "control the bleed, save a life". 

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Margaret Hartley, of Horwich Inner Wheel, said: "Horwich Inner Wheel Club ladies listened to a talk about The Daniel Baird Foundation and were inspired to raise money to provide the Horwich Community with a potentially lifesaving piece of medical equipment. 

"Bev and Gary Parker from The Crown in Horwich have kindly offered to house the bleed kit. This is a very accessible and well known landmark in the local community." 

The Bolton News: The bleed kitThe bleed kit (Image: Horwich Inner Wheel)

Other equipment of their kind to have been installed across the borough in recent years.

Last year, two bleed kits were put in place at The Volunteer in Darcy Lever, as well as one each at St Matthew’s Church House in Little Lever and Vas Vekaria’s defibrillator cabinet at Kegs N Blades convenience store on Lever Edge Lane, Bolton

Another was also installed at Whitehead Park in Ainsworth following a stabbing. 

The bleed control kits have been designed for "simple use" by the public. 

They are stored on a national database and just as in the event of a defibrillator being required, the caller will ring 999 and be told which kit is nearest to their location for fastest collection to provide vital aid to someone in need.