A ball court in Kearsley has been closed after a sinkhole opened up.

Cllr Tracey Wilkinson and residents in the area say they reported the sinkhole to the council on March 22 and on March 23.

It appeared at the ball court on Brook Street Park off Stoneclough Road and council officials have told Cllr Wilkinson the source of the sinkhole will be identified, and repairs will take place.

To prevent residents from being hurt the council have put up fencing around the sinkhole itself and the ball court has been locked.

Cllr Wilkinson said: “The sinkhole is still there and was blocked off by the council before Easter weekend. Bolton Council will investigate further.

The Bolton News: Sink hole on the ball parkSink hole on the ball park (Image: June Clarke)“Hopefully the council can get to the bottom of the cause of the sinkhole.

“We hope that this facility can be repaired and back open for the many young people who use it on a daily basis for both football and basketball.”

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A council officer contacted the councillors in the local area via email after receiving reports of the sinkhole, the email stated: “We are currently investigating a sinkhole which has opened up on the ball court on Brook Street Park off Stoneclough Road.

“Officers attended following reports of a hole opening up on the ball court.

“Officers from our Highways and Engineering Service have attended to carry out some initial investigations, but the source of the sinkhole has not yet been identified.

The Bolton News: Fencing has been put upFencing has been put up (Image: June Clarke)“We have acted to make the area safe by fencing off the sinkhole itself and locking the gates to the ball court to ensure the area remains safe and to exclude unauthorised access.

“We will be commissioning some further investigation into the hole over the coming days, which will necessitate the use of heavy equipment on site, but it is important that the cause of the sinkhole is fully investigated and that a suitable repair is carried out at the earliest opportunity.”

A resident in the local area said: “I’m surprised it has not happened before now, thank goodness no one fell into it.”

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