A traditional dance dating back to the 15th century is making a comeback in Bolton.

A new Morris Dancing troupe has formed in Westhoughton, and dancers are hoping for the public's support.

Amico Stars was set up in January by a group of friends who had a common interest in dance.

They decided to create their own group,  which is run by principal Zoey Rochford, 42, as there was nothing on offer in terms of Morris Dancing in the area.

And after a successful start seeing more and more people join their team, Amico Stars is hoping to raise funds to have matching dresses, money for prizes and more.

Bethany Jones, 27, the group's social media representative said: “We set up the group in January of this year after me and a few girls who used to dance in previous troupes found ourselves not dancing anymore and we thought we couldn’t go to another troupe because there was around 15 of us so we decided to start our own.

“In Westhoughton there was nothing of a kind like this, so we thought it would be perfect and hopefully children would be interested both girls and boys.

The Bolton News: Amico StarsAmico Stars (Image: Bethany Jones)“And since we set up it has just taken off, there is now more than 50 of us, more than we would have ever imagined.”

Bethany said the group is currently having to borrow dresses meaning they are not matching, and they would really like to raise funds so the team can be the same.

She said: “With Morris dancing we compete on every alternate Sunday, and we compete in dresses, headbands, pumps and bells but the dresses we have at the minute are all borrowed from other troupes.

"It can cost quite a lot of money to get Morris dancing dresses as they are made and fitted to the girl’s body shapes.

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“The funds will help us get our girls in dresses, when it comes to the championships at the end of the year we will be able to give all the girls everything they deserve so balloons to decorate, prizes, and the trophies they deserve on presentation nights.

" These funds will go towards everything really.

“We will be so grateful for any donation whether it is part of a sponsorship or a one off payment.”

The Bolton News: Amico StarsAmico Stars (Image: Bethany Jones)Amico Stars are also inviting people to join their troupe.

Bethany said: “We dance at Westhoughton Conservative Club every Wednesday night.

"It starts at half-five for the little ones and then goes later for the different age groups.

“If people would like to join they can just come and pop in and if they like it or want more information they can phone our principal Zoey or have a look on our social media.”

The dancing troupe is open to any age from one and above.

If people would like to donate to help the dancing troupe or join, they can email amicostars@gmail.com or call Zoey  on 07818553398.

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