A councillor is calling for people to slow down in a residential area after he says he witnessed drivers reach speeds of up to 60mph.

Cllr Andy Morgan for the Heaton, Lostock and Chew Moor, was out on Chew Moor Lane walking his dog earlier this week when he noticed two cars  he said appeared to be racing each other.

The councillor said this was one of many occurrences of speeding in the area and urged people to slow down to avoid an accident.

Cllr Morgan said: “Speeding has always been an issue in Chew Moor but there have been measures taken to reduce this during the day.

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“Late at night there are boy racers who speed fast as they can, and this is very dangerous as they’re going sometimes over 50 and 60mph.”

This is not the first time speeding has been reported in this area as after the councillor posted on Facebook to warn people against the dangers of speeding, many people took to the comments to agree.

Cllr Morgan said on Facebook: “Walking the dog through Chew Moor village and cannot believe how many people are speeding.

“I’m not talking a couple of miles over the limit, it’s like a racetrack.”

Cllr Morgan has asked for officers to patrol the area at around 10pm in an attempt to deter speeders.

The Bolton News: Cllr Andy Morgan

He said: “It’s not just a rare occurrence, it’s quite regular in the area, and the police did some speed checks there, but it seems to have grown more pace and a lot more people seem to be doing it.

“Somebody will be killed if they are not careful.

“I just want to put out a plea for people to abide by speed limits.

The traffic going through the village during the day mostly keeps to the speed limit but, in the evening,  Cllr Morgan said people are going through it as fast as they can.

The speed limit goes down to 20 going in through the village.

The two drivers racing each other was just one incident that evening as there were many Cllr Morgan saw.

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He said: "There are speed indicator signs in the area, and you can see the speed they are doing around 50mph, so they should be able to see that too."

There are currently chicanes on the road, but residents do not think these work.

This is something Cllr Morgan is looking into.

Cllr Morgan said: “These drivers are endangering others, and this is happening all across the town, on Ladybridge Estate and we ask people to get involved in community speed watch because police cannot get everywhere unfortunately.”

Police are currently running Operation Classify in the area to cut down on motorists driving dangerously, which is running alongside Operation Portman.

The aim of Operation Classify is to reduce death and serious injury on the roads of Bolton, which saw 71 serious collisions in 2022, nine of them sadly being fatalities. This trend, unfortunately, continued into 2023.

Excessive speeding alongside drink and drug driving and driver standards have been the main key causes of road traffic collisions in the area.

Operation Portman was launched in response to concerns over the number of serious road incidents in the town.