Spring will be bringing in both rain and warmer weather for Bolton over Friday with clouds and showers predicted.

After the long winter months and Easter having just ushered in the start of spring, temperatures will reach highs of 15° over the afternoon of Friday April 5, matching the Italian city of Genoa.

But anyone looking to enjoy the fresh spring weather should be aware that rain and wind are likely throughout the day as well and is likely to get heavier as night falls.

The Met Office described Friday’s predicted weather for the North West as “Windy with a chance of coastal gales.

Plenty of scattered showers, these merging to longer spells of rain at times, mainly in northern and western areas.

“Feeling warm in shelter.

“Maximum temperature 16 °C.”

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Though temperatures will reach 16 °C across the North West as a whole, in Bolton temperatures are expected to peak at around 15°C from 3pm to 4pm.

Rain during the day is most likely at around 11am, when there will be a 70 per cent chance of rainfall according to the Met Office.

But this will become more likely later that night, with the likelihood of rain peaking at around 90 per cent at midnight into the early hours of Saturday.