Work has been carried out to make parts of Bromley Cross railway station safer, following a number of concerns someone could become injured.

The signage for the station’s park and ride had become loose, fencing was also missing from the small car park opposite the station, as well as some poles becoming loose, and the clearance barrier for one of the carparks had also become lose.

After ward councillor Cllr Nadim Muslim, shared the concerns to the Bee Network, they have made steps to fix the issues.

Cllr Muslim said: “The clearance barrier looked as though it could fall at any time.

“We wanted to report it as quickly as possible.

The Bolton News: The broken sign at the stationThe broken sign at the station (Image: Public)Read some of our top stories below:

“As a commuter you see them every day, and it was only a matter of time before something happened.

“The safety issues have been entirely, showing important it is.

“Whilst the signage has been removed, we are still waiting for the sign to be replaced.

“We are making sure it looks nice and is safe for people, and that we look after the area, and station as much as possible.”

The Bolton News: The clearance barrier at the stationThe clearance barrier at the station (Image: Public)In a letter from the Bee Network to Cllr Muslim, it says: “I understand your concerns over this given the potential safety risks these pose to the public and to users of this park and ride site and would like to assure you that we take reports like this seriously.

“Since receiving your query, we've been in touch with our works contractor to determine how best these issues can be addressed in as short of a timescale as possible.

The Bolton News:

“I can confirm that our contractor visited Bromley Cross when they were made aware of your feedback to assess the various issues you've highlighted.

“Upon further investigation, it appears that the signage at the entrance to the station had become loose and had actually become detached.

The Bolton News: “This signage has now been removed and we're currently in the process of having a replacement sign manufactured.

“Once we receive it, this will be erected at Bromley Cross.

“In terms of the overhead height barrier, the posts connecting it have been reset and the barrier itself straightened.

“In addition to this, we've also put a new fence post in to replace the part of the fencing that was missing.”

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