While Spring is very much here, so too is the continued rain that plagued the UK for much of the winter.

With that in mind, vets have issued a warning to dog owners telling them to keep their pups away from puddles.

While rain itself isn’t dangerous for dogs, wet conditions can bring visibility issues, bacteria and added risks when walking your pooch – and some of the risks can even be deadly.

To help pet owners keep their dogs safe no matter the weather, experts have spoken with vets to identify the biggest threats posed to your pup by the rain.

Included in the list of dangers, experts at TrustedHousesitters highlighted the risk of letting your dogs play in puddles.

The Bolton News: Vets have warned dog owners to keep their pets away from puddles and stagnant water due to the health risksVets have warned dog owners to keep their pets away from puddles and stagnant water due to the health risks (Image: Getty)

Dr. Sabrina Kong warned: “Let's talk about those enticing puddles. You'd think they're just harmless water, right? Wrong. Puddles can be a cocktail of all sorts of nasties, from sharp objects to harmful bacteria.

“I've seen dogs come in with cut paws and upset stomachs from puddle-related incidents. So, steer your pooch clear of those deceptive puddles next time it's raining cats and dogs.”

Dr Kong also warned of the dangers stagnant water could pose to your pets.

She said: “While dogs love to stop and drink puddle water, it is best not to allow this. Rats and mice can urinate in stagnant water, leading to the spread of Leptospirosis.

“Though your dog should be covered for Leptospirosis if up to date with their vaccines, they are still at risk of contracting the disease.”

Dr Linda Simon added that rather than letting your dog lap up stagnant water, take fresh water and a portable bowl on walks. Ensure your dog drinks as much fresh water as possible to avoid them guzzling down anything they shouldn’t.

Veterinarian Dr Sara Ochoa also recommended ensuring your dogs were completely dry when they get home.

Drying your dog can help prevent skin irritations, hotspots and potential infections.

You should also thoroughly dry your dogs’ ears after they’ve become wet, as ears can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Dr. Ochoa suggests: “Some dogs with floppy ears are more prone to ear infections during rainy weather. Consider using a hooded raincoat or an umbrella to keep their ears dry.”