A litter bin has been “burnt to a crisp” in a suspected act of vandalism on a park.

The bin on Farnworth Central Park off Market Street, was discovered by regular walkers to have been burned out this week on Tuesday April 9.

This comes after long running concerns about vandalism and the area’s representatives say they believe vandals have struck again in this case.

Cllr Sue Haworth, of Farnworth North, said: “More needs to be done to prevent disgusting acts of vandalism taking place.

“This occurrence comes hot off the heels of vandalism at Bradford Street Park last week where park furniture was smashed.”

The Bolton News: The suspected vandals struck on Farnworth Central ParkThe suspected vandals struck on Farnworth Central Park (Image: Public)

Cllr Haworth was referring to an incident just a few weeks ago when vandals destroyed a recently installed public chess board on the park towards the southern end of Farnworth.

The chess table was set up towards the end of February using part of £5,000 worth of funding granted by the government to Bolton for park improvements around the borough.

There is no evidence to suggest the two incidents are linked but they have sparked wider concerns about crime and anti-social behaviour in the town.

The Bolton News: A chess table was destroyed on Bradford Street Park just weeks agoA chess table was destroyed on Bradford Street Park just weeks ago (Image: Public)

A small pile of charred remains are now all that is left of the Farnworth Central Park bin.

Cllr Haworth said: “I’ve no information as to who burnt the litter bin to a crisp in Farnworth Park but we’ve had our fair share of vandalism by young people I’m afraid this last year.

“Lots of young people in Farnworth are not interested in anti-social behaviour but there remains a stubborn number who have been damaging things by pulling down telephone lines, throwing tiles off roofs, breaking skylights and burning thinks like wheelie bins.”

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 She added: “We need vandalism tackled as a hotspot in Farnworth.

“More Greater Manchester Police PCSOs and special constables on foot patrol need to be allocated to help bring about tangible results in Farnworth.

“Youth services can help engage young people away from wanton vandalism."