Yet more telegraph poles have sparked alarm after being installed on a street corner.

IX Wireless poles have been put up all across different areas in recent months, prompting frequent protests and complaints from those living nearby.

One of the most recent reports of poles being installed has been on the corner of Market Street and Ford Street in Stoneclough, where residents say.

Cllr Debbie Newall, who represents the area as part of the Kearsley ward, said: “That's how they work, they just send the letter out saying that next week they’re going to be doing it and that’s what they’ve done in this case.

“People are up in arms about it but because of government changes to the legislation some years ago they actually don’t need permission.”

The Bolton News: Poles like these have been installed in various locationsPoles like these have been installed in various locations (Image: Public)

IX Wireless installations have prompted protests all over Bolton since the poles first started appearing.

People have turned out to oppose the new poles in areas stretching from Harwood and Bromley Cross to Breightmet.

In Stoneclough, works were seen being carried out on the corner of Market Street and Ford Street on Thursday, April 4.

Since then the works had prompted concerns from people living in what, until now, has not been a heavily built up area.

But because of rules known as “permitted development” set at national level, local authorities are powerless to stop works like these regardless of the objections people may raise.

This contrasts with normal planning bids, which councils have the right to refuse if valid material objections are raised.

Cllr Newall said: “As it stands with these masts there’s nothing we can do.”

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She added: “Of course people want to articulate how they’re effected by these things and how they may be upsetting them but they’re up against a framework of law, its planning law.”

Cllr Newall said that there would have to be changes made by the government to the permitted development rules before council would be able to take action.

IX Wireless has been approached for comment on the Stoneclough poles.

The company has previously said that it works to engage with residents and local authorities over infrastructure projects and that the poles will ultimately help deliver superfast broadband.