Nearly 30 new homes could be built over the site where an old care home once stood.

If given the go-ahead the new Bolton at Home houses will be built over the former site of the Alderbank Care Home just off Alderbank Close in Kearsley.

The care home had already closed down several years ago and the completed scheme will aim to build a total of 27 houses.

Cllr Debbie Newall, of Kearsley, said: “I know that some of the residents have said that they don’t have a problem with the development itself but they have got some concerns about the access road to it.

“I’ve encouraged them to make sure that if they’ve got concerns then the really should make their feelings known to the planning department.”

The Bolton News: The scheme will aim to build 27 housesThe scheme will aim to build 27 houses (Image: Seddon Construction)

She added: “I’m writing to the planning department and asking that this is heard at a full committee hearing.

“But I know that highways have already said that they’ve looked at the site and they don’t see a problem with the access road.”

Cllr Newall has also suggested that the new homes could help to facilitate the rebuilding of Kearsley Park Bowling Club, a long held request raised by people in the area.

The former care home itself, which sat next to Kearsley Park and between the bowling club and Kearsley Cricket Club was demolished around half a decade ago.

The Bolton News: The land off Alderbank CloseThe land off Alderbank Close (Image: Google Maps)

In January 2019 a scheme was given the go-ahead to build 33 new homes on the site.

The plan had been to sell the land to PSB Bolton for around £350,000 but this then stalled in February the following year.

The latest proposals, put forward now by Seddon Construction, will aim to build a mix of two- and three-bedroom houses for the borough’s biggest housing provider, Bolton at Home.

Bolton Council have said they a traffic statement sent in by the developers has reassured them that traffic will not be unduly impacted.

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A highways department statement said: “The traffic statement appears to indicate that the traffic impact of development will be negligible and possibly comparable to a certain extent with the extant use-class of the site.

“Thus, the impact on the operational capacity of the surrounding highway network will be minimal and accommodated without detriment/severity, with a potential minimal risk to users of the public highway.”

It added: “The level of off-road parking appears compliant with the council’s residential parking standards to serve the level of development proposed.”

The council will aim to decide whether or not to approve the scheme by Tuesday, June 25.