Councillors declared themselves disappointed with the council for allowing work without planning permission at Bolton Market.

The council allowed work at the outdoor market to address issues with weatherproofing not addressed at the time of its relocation.

This switch to the northern side of the site was to allow for an extension at the southern side of the site but the two metal structures which were erected on Ashburner Street as a result were exposed to the elements due to budget constraints.

The council added a canopy and a gate at a later date, but it added them without planning permission, applying for it retrospectively.

The application was up for consideration by the planning committee when it met at the town hall this week.

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John Walsh, the chair of the planning committee, said: "I think it is disappointing we have a retrospective application. I understand the reason but on a number of occasions we have been critical of the applicant for a retrospective application.

"I am surprised we have not anticipated there would be adverse weather in Bolton from time to time and some sort of screening would have been necessary."

A report for consideration by the planning committee recommended the approval of the application on the condition of adding some lettering and logos to make the canopy and the gate less "austere".

Cllr Walsh was not convinced by the changes and voted against approval of the application but all the other councillors were not concerned by the changes and voted for approval of the application.

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Cllr Walsh said: "I go to Bury from time to time and there is a sign saying 'World Famous Bury Market". 

"This proposal looks very secondary and very second-rate. We could have made more of the signage.

"I am not sure what the swirls are supposed to represent but I am sure some artistic designer will tell me there is some significance to it.

"Whether it is supposed to be fabric blowing around because of the wind I am not sure."

Rob Morrisey, a councillor for Breightmet, said: "During a bustling, busy day at the market it'll barely be noticed so I do not have a problem in this regard."

This article was written by Jack Tooth. To contact him, email or follow @JTRTooth on Twitter.