Litter-pickers have been given a helping hand of £400.

Bolton Green Umbrella have handed Over Hulton's Litter-Pickers and the Over Hulton Horticulturalists £200 a piece to further their work in making the area a nice place to live in.

The Litter-picking group have used the money to buy much needed trolleys to hold unwieldy litter bags.

Litter-picking coordinator Pat Braddock explained: "As we are out tidying up our streets and car parks the litter bags obviously get full and heavier. They really can be quite cumbersome, especially in wet weather. Now we are mobile!

"The trolleys are brilliant, what a great idea and we can't thank Green Umbrella enough for enabling us to do this.

"Now it will be so much easier for us and we can cover much more ground in our sessions."

The Over Hulton Horticulturists are using the money to cover the cost of plants for the shopping precinct community gardens and hanging baskets.

The garden has now been planted out with primroses to supplement daffodils which are coming through and summer bedding plants are to follow.

Group volunteer John Bullen says, "Everyone in Bolton should be so proud of the Bolton Green Umbrella Group.

"What they do is vital for smaller groups like ours. To get financial backing to this degree makes everything we do, all our efforts, seem appreciated and valued. Green Umbrella have certainly staved off a rainy day for us!"