Plans have been submitted for a children’s home in Farnworth.

Serenity Springs Residential Care has made the application in respect of a property on Pansy Road.

Applicants have argued there will be little material difference as a result.

The property is currently used as a residential dwelling and permission will be needed before the change of use is allowed.

The property is a three bedroom semi detached one with two off street parking places and a garage.

If the move goes ahead there will be up to two children staying at the premises at one time with up to three carers.

There would be six carers in total on a shift pattern of 48 hours on 60 hours off.

The premise would be registered with Ofsted and children would undergo risk assessments to ensure they integrate with the local community.

Children would be at the property for many years and it would not be a halfway house or emergency accommodation.

A statement as part of the application stated:a “The home will aim to provide a smooth transition for children, who will come to live there through careful planning and consideration.

“It will primarily serve medium to long term placements in order to minimise disruption to residents.

“There will be no external alterations to the building or surrounds.

“From the outside, there will be no change in the appearance or character of the dwelling.”

It goes on to say: “The purpose of the home would be to support the child to build their confidence, help them in developing life skills and prepare them for life when they leave the home to fend for themselves.

“This type of support has been found to be most effective in helping these children to have normal lives and not experience problems in later life.

“During the day it is expected that the child would engage in various activities, plus attend a mainstream or special school.

“The proposed children’s home seeks to replicate as closely as possible a normal family environment.

“This type of provision, which government policy is promoting, is to help children who often, through no fault of their own, have not had good parenting in their early years.”

Under the plans there would be a visit from Ofsted each year but alongside this there would be one visit from social services each month.

Other professional or clinical appointments would take place away from the home.