A family has paid tribute to a ‘playful and happy’ two-year-old who tragically died after falling into a pond whilst visiting a farm.

Masie Elizabeth Lomax-Newton, who was born in Bolton, died on December 1, 2021, after visiting Crab Fold Farm in Atherton on November 8, 2021.

She lived with her family at Crab Brow, Atherton.

The inquest heard that Masie visited the farm with her mum Emma Lomax-Newton, and grandma Cindy Molyneux to see and look after the six horses the family had.

The family regularly visited the farm and thought the pond, which was not owned by the farm, “looked secure” and was fenced off.

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They “never thought it was something Masie would get into” and she had not gone to the pond before.

Masie’s father Robert Joel Lomax-Newton said that Masie was quite independent, and the tragic death has deeply affected the family.

Detective Inspector Nathan Percival said that Masie’s grandma said she had not seen her granddaughter for 10 minutes and went looking for her.

Dr Phil Lumb said that prior to carrying out the pathology, he was given details of what had happened.

He said: “Whilst at the farm, Masie was last seen eating chocolate on a bench.

“CCTV footage was gathered and at 12.49pm Masie was seen on a bench, and at 12.59pm she was seen getting onto the perimeter on the inside of the fence around the pond, before falling in the pond.

“She was later found by her grandma who gave her CPR, before paramedics arrived.”

When Masie was found she had been in the water for around 15 minutes.

Masie was taken to the Royal Bolton Hospital, where CPR continued for an hour and 45 minutes, when her heart was restarted.

Paediatric consultant Dr Jessica Watson,  who was the most senior on the ward on November 8, was pre-warned that there was a critical case on the way.

She said: “She was very cold and very poorly when she arrived.

“I immediately went to speak to the multi-disciplinary team, to make the best effort to resuscitate her and give her the best possible care.

“There was concern that Masie was hypothermic because of her temperature being 27° when she was found.

“A normal temperature is between 35° and 37°.

“When a person is considered hypothermic, we have a duty of care to warm them whilst resuscitating to get the best outcome.

The Bolton News: “We managed to warm her up, so her heart started beating again, but the damage had already been done because of the drowning.”

Masie was put on a breathing tube attached to her lungs, before being transferred to the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital for more specialist treatment on November 8, 2021.    

Masie’s tube was removed on November 23, but doctors could not say how long she would survive due to her cognitive ability being affected.

But Masie tragically died on December 1, 2021, prior to plans to take her to a hospice.

Dr Lumb gave the medical cause of death as bronchopneumonia which led to global hypoxic brain injury as a result of drowning.

The Bolton News: He said: “Some part of the brain may survive, but the individual would have potentially passed away because the brain is severely damaged, even if there is a heartbeat the cognitive ability can be affected.

“You could see widespread pneumonia in her lungs, and some evidence of foreign material.

“We are aware she had been in the water, so it’s likely from material in the pond.

“Immersion in cold water can slow your heartbeat, and there is evidence of hypoxia.”

Mother Emma and Grandma Cindy received a conviction for neglect.

Detective Insp Nathan Percival says the pond has now been properly secured.

During the inquest, Masie’s grandad Charles Lomax-Newton said: “I saw Masie from when she was a baby, and she was never ever neglected, and she had everything a little girl could ever want.

The Bolton News: “They spent all their time looking after the children and the animals.

“She would stay with me, and I used to read to her with the dogs.

“The last week of her life I used to go every evening, and she could listen to me.

“She will always be in my heart, and there is a hole in my heart that will never be filled due to the loss.”

Assistant Coroner Mike Pemberton said that Masie was “clearly a much-loved child”.

He said: “The deceased who was two years and three months old died on December 1 2021 at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, following transfer from Royal Bolton Hospital on November 8, after being involved in an incident on Crab Fold Farm.

“She was unsupervised for over 30 minutes, and accidentally fell into the pond on the farm.

“She suffered a hypoxic brain injury, and her breathing became more difficult over the next few days.

The Bolton News: “Masie died as a consequence of accidentally falling into the pond whilst unsupervised by adults, which resulted in a hypoxic brain injury, followed by bronchopneumonia, as a consequence of her drowning.

“Neglect contributed to the cause of death, but not in relation to the standard of care.

“I want to pass my deepest condolences to all member of the family, and I can’t imagine what you are going through.

“This is a tragic case.”

Speaking after the inquest, her father said: “She was playful and happy, and quite independent.

“It has affected us quite a lot.

“It was quite hard with everything going on with the courts.

“With our three children we can go out and play, but it was lockdown when we had her, so it was difficult.

“When you look back, we wish we could have done more.

“We have pictures of her, and our children point and ask about her.”

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