A Bolton theatre is set to showcase a new comedy about the camaraderie among factory workers.

Bolton Little Theatre’s next play, Player’s Angels by Amanda Whittington, will be showcased between April 22 and 27.

The next play will present Whittington’s keenly observed take on life on the production line of the John Player tobacco works in 1950s Nottingham.

Amanda grew up in Nottingham herself at a time when the huge John Player cigarette factories dominated the city, and she draws on this knowledge to create four very different women on stage in the play.

Speaking about the play, Carol Butler, the director of Player’s Angels, said: “There’s no doubt about it, she really has got an eye for writing great female characters and this play is no exception.

“I love the way she develops them throughout the play in quite unexpected ways.”

The play also features the 1953 coronation which provides a backdrop to the women’s lives as they excitedly prepare for celebrating the big day.

Lindsay Farnworth plays "Glad", the mother hen of the group, who is a war widow and is protective of the other girls.

Catherine Cropper plays "Mae", who is Glad’s young niece who comes to lodge with "Glad" having been brought up in the country.

The other girls on the production line are "Vee" and "Cyn", played by Julie Burrell and Rebecca Carney.

Speaking about her character, Julie said: “‘Vee’ is newly married and trying to juggle her job with married life.

“But this was the 1950s when gender roles were far more defined than they are now, so there’s a bit of tension between her and her husband, but she values the independence of her job.

“I suppose it’s the dilemma lots of women must have faced at the time.”

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Rebecca Carney gives voice to the determinedly ambitious "Cyn", who dreams of life away from the cigarette factory and yearns to be a model or a film star.

Rebecca said: “She just can’t wait to get away.

“She’s a feisty character who comes across as rather brash at times, but that’s just her way of expressing her frustration.”

The only man in the story, foreman "Bill", is played by newcomer Jack Clare who rules the production line, but is harbouring a secret that most of the girls are blissfully ignorant of.

The play follows four very different women in a world still dominated by men – and ultimately the story of what becomes of them.

Player’s Angels runs from Monday, April 22 to Saturday, April 27 at 7.30pm each evening as well as a signed performance on Wednesday, April 24, at Bolton Little Theatre on Hanover Street.

For tickets visit www.boltonlittletheatre.co.uk or phone 01204 524469

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