Calls have been made to help restore a piece of Bolton's history.

Two of Bolton's famed elephants have over the years fallen into disrepair, now efforts are being made to restore them, and once again place them in the town centre.

Many can recall the colourful elephants being on display in Newport Street.

Some have been relocated to near Le Mans Crescent.

But two are in need of repair.

University of Bolton students, Aaron Duggan and Arthur Middleton are teaming up with Martin McLouglin at the Bolton NICE charity to restore the elephants to Bolton.

And they hoping people will step forward and help.

Aaron said: “I remember them elephants and climbing them.

The Bolton News: Martin McLoughlin

“It was a landmark of the town and I remember being a kid and climbing on them and it is memories for everyone.

“It’s a piece of history with the circus that used to visit Bolton and it became a significant part of it for Bolton, so we became known for it.”

Once restored a new home will be found for the elephants.

Aaron said: “My dad is Boltonian through and through and lived here his whole life and he reckons that the town has lost a lot of its traditional values, and he says a good place could be Reebok Stadium so they could be looked after there."

The team are interested to hear from anyone experienced in stonemasonry or a highly skilled bricklayer.

The Bolton News: Bolton Elephants

Aaron said: “We’re simply looking for someone who is confident and perhaps experienced in putting this back together or someone with stone masonry background.

“I feel like it would bring joy back to the town and bring back some pieces of the town that has gone.

“My dad would be so proud, and it would be cool to see them in the new garden of town.

“It’s nostalgia."

Martin from Bolton NICE said he was looking forward to seeing the elephants restored.

He said: "It is an exciting little project.

"Lots of young people who would be adults now were young children when they were sitting on these elephants in Bolton Precinct.

"And I would like to see young people sat on them again in a public place.” 

Anyone interested in helping can ring Aaron on 07594747881.