As valued subscribers, we recently gave you the opportunity to ask the editor of The Bolton News questions - whether about a local issue, our news coverage, how we make decisions or what makes the newsroom tick.

Many of you had queries along similar themes whilst others had very specific questions. We received many responses and aren't able to answer everyone - but below, you'll find Richard Duggan's answers to a selection of the questions you asked.

Is it possible to view the letters page separately?

You can view letters published in the paper online here. Also, PLEASE SEND US LETTERS! We love to read and publish them!

Why do some articles not have comments switched on?

There are some stories where comments are switched off due to it being a legal requirement (a court order or active proceedings). There are others where we decide to turn comments off based on the story's topic, i.e. we know there's likely to be a lot of derogatory and bigoted comments made. 

Do you try to be ‘neutral’, or do/will you, as a local paper, help fight for local issues?

We always strive to be neutral when it comes to politics, but that doesn't stop us from holding power to account (no matter what political party). We do, however, champion local issues, including raising money for hospices and foodbanks (and we're always keen to hear of causes you'd like us to get behind). 

Why has my comment been deleted/why can't I comment?

The answer to this is simple; you've breached the rules and your account has been prevented from leaving comments.

Do your journalists get out and about to report on stories or are they stuck behind desks?

The team does get out and about, including to court, interviews, press briefings, council meetings and breaking news incidents.

How do you plan to expand your reach so as to capture the imagination and interest of the generation who rely upon social media?

We're always evolving our approach to news. Often, this is about embracing new forms of social media - check out our TikTok page here.

Do your journalists ever respond to the comments left online? 

It really depends on the comments/journalist in question. I always encourage reporters not to engage with trolls/nasty comments but that they should feel free to engage in healthy debate should they feel comfortable doing so.