Welcoming a Minister to Bolton is always a great opportunity for me to promote our local interests, get our fair share of funding and show off the best we have locally. 

It was particularly useful to have the Rail Minister, Huw Merriman, visit to not only press for rail upgrades, thank him for what he is already delivering but to also make a pitch for funding to construct Jct7 on the M61 as part of his wider responsibility for regional investment.

The electrification of the railway tracks through Bolton between Manchester and Preston has already been delivered and the route from Bolton to Wigan is making good progress.  This, in turn, leads to upgrading the rolling stock.

Huw’s predecessor as rail minister committed to delivering a new lift for easier accessibility for Daisy Hill railway station and the work has begun.  Having a direct rail route from London to Bolton is the next project and I will keep working with him and his team to get it delivered.

As good things come in pairs, I was just as happy that the mayor of the GM administrative area, Andy Burnham, took a little time to visit my constituency to hear local concerns. 

The Conservative government gave him responsibility for buses, he has made a reasonable start and that is not just limited to the new yellow paint work.

His ambition is for more people to make more journeys by bus which means that he has to ensure that buses run when and where you need them, are reliable and are maintained to the highest of standards.

The mayor has not yet said how and when he will deliver on his promises but I am here to help him.

I am launching a campaign for my constituents for them to tell me what they want the bus timetable in the "Bee Network" to look like. 

Mr Burnham rightfully complains about the reduction in services so I want to hear from my constituents what routes should be restored and what timetable upgrades should be made to help you get around Bolton and beyond.