A Bolton businesswoman is expanding her network group as demand for the service rockets.

Sarah Hulme, 53, from Lostock, has run the Ladies Empowerment Circle for just over a year, and due to the demand she is seeing each month at her Bolton meeting, she is now adding another.

The mum-of-three set up the group to help businesswomen across the borough by putting a spin on the usual networking type of events.

And now even more women will benefit.

Sarah said: “The Ladies empowerment circle has grown so much, especially in Bolton. The need for this group is huge.

“Due to this, we are opening a second group in Bolton, taking the number of groups in total across Lancashire to six.

“There’s a big need for it in Bolton as we are completely disrupting the networking space, but Thursdays wasn’t always possible, so we now have two groups.

“This includes our usual Thursday group 12pm to 2pm at Retreat which is always at the beginning of the month, and then a newly launched group which is on Wednesdays from 12pm to 1.30pm at the fabulous local No19 Clubhouse at Regent Park Golf Centre.

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“The Wednesday group is more about digging deeper into how we can help the ladies in the group.

“We’ve also launched a separate project to give the ladies of the Ladies Empowerment Circle even more value with separate power house sessions called the support circle.

“This is a one-to-one brainstorming session with me to dig deeper into you and your business and how knowing my skillset I can help the ladies the best way and connect them with the right people.

“This is £25 for a powerhour session but includes one of the six groups of your choice to book on limited offer until the end of May when the launch price of £25 increases.”

Sarah said she cannot believe the response she has seen as she loves helping women from the area she lives.

She added: “I am just absolutely blown away with the response we have had.

“With Bolton being my hometown and my passion, supporting local businesses and women in Bolton, I do think there is a need for the events I host.

“My Thursday group in Bolton just constantly sells out and is always fully booked. The reason I feel that is, is because we have shaken up the typical networking group, I want it to be fun for attendees.

“And rather than it being stuffy and formal, we are all friends, and we are like a family.

“I am just overjoyed because it is getting Bolton on the map, it is getting Bolton businesses collaborating, connecting, doing business together. But it is also creating a safe community of ladies of all ages that come together and they have gone from strangers to friends and then from friends to one big community.

“There has definitely been a need for it.”

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