A Bolton police officer had been giving out confidential information about car crash victims to a company that managed insurance claims.

PC Akeel Kadir was serving in Greater Manchester Police’s (GMP) Bolton district between 2013 and 2019 when he committed his crimes.

He had been handing over confidential information to 36-year-old Bolton man Junaid Patel of Apex Claims Management (UK) Ltd.

Detective Chief Inspector Jennifer Adams, GMP’s senior investigating officer for the investigation, said: “Our investigations revealed that PC Kadir was in the Apex offices when he was both on and off-duty, accessing confidential police information from his work mobile phone. 

“The business obtained information they were not entitled to, without redaction, much faster than a solicitor could and without the fees a solicitor would have to pay. “

The Bolton News: The case was heard at Liverpool Crown CourtThe case was heard at Liverpool Crown Court (Image: Newsquest)

She added: “Apex would only be paid out if the client was not at fault.

“Kadir’s illegal activities meant they could find that information out quickly and not waste their time on clients who would make them no money.  

“The claims management company charged insurance companies £7,000 for four weeks’ car hire and £1,400 for storage over the same period, so they were profiting significantly. 

“Kadir received an array of benefits including car hire, car servicing, hospitality and loans from the co-accused.

"Our financial investigations also showed that the officer had a gambling problem.”

Liverpool Crown Court heard how Kadir, of Kilburn Road, Orrell, and Patel’s plot had been uncovered after an investigation by GMP’s Anti-Corruption Unit.

Kadir had abused his position to pass information to Patel’s company about car crash victims, while the firm then approached insurance companies offering hire cars and storage services. 

Evidence showed to the court from Kadir’s bank statements showed that he was a regular gambler but claimed he passed money from Patel to charity or that they were loans.

This turned out to be a lie.

During this same time, Kadir had also abused his authority by sharing confidential images of suspects of crime and personal details of those under investigation for sexual offences.

In March he was found guilty of knowingly or recklessly obtaining or disclosing personal data without the consent of the data controller and conspiracy to commit police corruption. 

Patel, of Edstone Close, Bolton, was found guilty of conspiracy to commit police corruption.

DCI Adams said: “This was a lengthy and detailed investigation.

“The sentences handed down by the court today are testament to the diligence of the officers in the Anti-Corruption Unit and sends a clear message from the judiciary about the expectations it has of serving police officers.

"My officers tenaciously pursued all lines of enquiry to expose the full extent of this criminality to achieve a successful prosecution in co-operation with our colleagues in the Serious Crime Division of the Crown Prosecution Service.

"PC Kadir benefited personally from his activities and exposed other members of the public to unquantifiable risk by divulging sensitive personal information, which we can show was shared more widely amongst the community.

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“Greater Manchester Police will continue to support officers who carry out their public duties in a lawful manner and investigate those who decide to break the law.

"Kadir has been suspended from his duties and now that criminal proceedings have concluded there will be an accelerated internal disciplinary process."

Kadir was sentenced for 15 months and was ordered to complete a one year community order on his release.

Patel was given a nine-month suspended sentence and ordered to complete 120 hours of unpaid community work.

Two other men were cleared of being involved in the scheme.