An antiques expert paid a visit to Edgworth - and people flocked in a bid to get valuations for potentially priceless family heirlooms. 

Throughout the day, people from across Lancashire and Greater Manchester descended on The Barlow to present their antiques such as clocks, vases, jewellery, and figurines.

From 1pm until 4pm, antiques expert Irita Marriott from BBC1's Antiques Road Trip and Bargain Hunt, sat with people and their precious family heirlooms or attic finds.

Anyone from anywhere was invited to get their items valued, with people from Bury, Bolton, Wigan and other parts of Lancashire paying a visit.

Irita said: “What I really like is that we have seen a lot of local things with local pottery, artists and all things.

“Everybody works really hard here and they do an amazing job and I love the premises, and if I wasn’t married, I’d want to get married here.”

Irita saw many items during the day and said one of the most memorable was a large Chinese figure, but it was a family piece so was not sold, though Irita said it could fetch upwards of £1,000.

The Bolton News: Bob and Jean Banks

Jean and Bob Banks came from Wigan to find the valuation of an antique clock belonging to Jean’s sister, who died recently.

Jean said: “Her daughter didn’t like it, but I didn’t want to throw it even if it was only worth a fiver, as it is sentimental.

“We won’t use so I thought we could take it to an antique fair if it is not worth anything today.

“My sister had it for a long time and it’s quite nice really and it is different.”

The Bolton News: The Barlow antiques

A man from Bolton brought in two vases with figures printed on them, which he said had been in his family since 1930, and now did not have anyone else to pass them down to.

John Marriott, who is a trustee at The Barlow, said: “It’s been a successful day and we rely on people for donations to run this place so it has been worth doing.

“We thank the other trustees as well, they do a fantastic job here.

“People didn’t know it was here and now they know that there’s a beautiful café, a gym, wine bar, and cricket club.

“It’s very important to promote this."

The Barlow wants everyone to know where they are and what people can do, with a playground and a bowling green also at the centre.

But the group needs funds to contribute to repairs to the old building, new kitchen items, and heating.