A gaming hub has reopened in a bigger space with new equipment for families to try.

Game Vault has reopened opposite its original space in The Vaults, underneath the Market Place Shopping Centre in Bolton.

Now, the venue boasts even more Virtual Reality gaming, with VR shooting, a motorbike simulation, and an array of chairs and pods to experience roller-coasters, scary houses, and car games among many others.

One 12-year-old who was playing a Just Dance game, said: "I wanted to come because I love VR, and my dad takes me to Manchester for VR.

"But now we have one in Bolton so we can go more."

A parent, Jessica Tomlinson said: "I was only walking past really but we are always looking for things to do with the kids.

"I'm going to try the VR thing myself actually, it looks like a laugh and we can be big kids."

The experience also has basketball, interactive darts, shooter games and, car racing and even traditional classics like Pacman and air hockey.

For the relaunch, a group of stormtroopers were walking around the hub, playing games and taking pictures with the queue of people.

Working at the store, Ryan Bromley said: "There has been more people than normal here today.

"Everyone has just wanted to see the Stormtroopers.

"It was quiet to begin with but picked up later on and got busy.

"The Stormtroopers even walked around the Market Place Shopping Centre as well and went into other business and had lots of fun."

With more space, the venue now offers a bar and a small seating area for people to sit and enjoy drinks as well as play.

The VR was in high demand at the last site, which is why there are now more VR games available.

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Ryan said: "The basketball game is popular too and so many others, but the VR is definitely something people want to do first.

Craig Holden, who owns the Game Vault alongside his brother, Martin, said he had never tried VR prior to the venture.

He said: “I have never used VR before, so I invited everyone to have a go, and all the kids and adults loved it.

“It goes from one extreme to another and the VR can simulate educational things too like floating in the space centre or exploring Saturn.”