A right royal welcome awaits a few lucky people from Bolton who have been invited to the famous Buckingham Palace garden party.

Special invites have dropped through the doors of Cllr Andy Morgan, Braydon Stringer and Paul Hodgkinson from Bolton.

The Royal Family hold a number of garden parties at Buckingham Palace, with guests having a chance to see inside the palace, marvel at the grounds and meet the members of the family themselves. 

This year, Cllr Morgan will be attending for the second time.

The Bolton News: Cllr Andy MorganCllr Andy Morgan (Image: Cllr Andy Morgan)

He said: "I was fortunate enough to go to one of the Queen's garden parties with David Greenhalgh, so I am quite lucky I get to go again. It is a real honour to get an invite. 

"It is from 4-6pm officially, but you can arrive early and walk around the grounds. It is quite a long queue to get into the palace grounds, security is quite tight. 

"The last time we went, we went through some of the main rooms in the palace to get to the gardens, and it is amazing to think of the history of the palace, but that it is also where the royal family live. 

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"It looks as grand, if not more so, than what you see on the TV." 

He added: "You can walk around the grounds and then afternoon tea is served to everyone in the garden. 

"Then the Royal Family comes out and everyone wants to see them. 

The Bolton News: Braydon Stringer with Paula Horner of the 14th Bolton Boys Brigade. Braydon will attend one of the King's garden partiesBraydon Stringer with Paula Horner of the 14th Bolton Boys Brigade. Braydon will attend one of the King's garden parties (Image: Public)

"If you are lucky enough, you get to speak to them - I didn't get to last time, but hopefully I will this time around!" 

Also at a party on May 6 will be Braydon, a member of the 14th Bolton Boys Brigade. Representing the group, the 18-year-old will help out at the palace on the day. 

He said: "When they told me I had been selected I was quite shocked at first, I didn't believe it. 

"I knew they were selecting people from across the Boys Brigade. 

"My dad is the captain of the brigade and put my name forward, not really thinking I'd be selected, but then he told me I had been accepted. I am quite proud of myself. 

"I am quite nervous, with the King being there, but I feel it is going to be alright." 

The Bolton News: Buckingham PalaceBuckingham Palace

Braydon's father, Paul Stringer, is the captain of the 14th Bolton Boys Brigade. He said: "He is over the moon, he couldn't believe it when I told him, he is really looking forward to it. 

"I have never done anything like this, when we got it I thought it was really good. 

"He has been asked to represent the brigade on the day just to help out. On the day we will get another email explaining a bit, due to security reasons. 

"When he is in Buckingham Palace, he will be told what he is doing." 

Paul Hodgkinson of Bolton Impact Trust will also be attending a party on May 8.