The dog warden been out in Prestolee in recent weeks following complaints about dog fouling.

Cllr Tracey Wilkinson, alongside the dog control enforcement unit, visited the area after concerns were expressed about pet owners not cleaning up after their pets.

And strong messages have been left on the pavement warning dog owners to 'pick it up, take it home'.

Cllr Wilkinson said there are an ‘inconsiderate few’ who still refuse to clean up after their dogs.

Failure to clean up after a dog is an offence for which there is a fixed penalty fine of £100 or even prosecution at the magistrates’ court. This can result in a fine of up to £1,000.

If residents can provide information that might help to identify offender(s) including description of dog, regular time of offence, car registration, address of offender(s) then this may be used to prioritise patrols or enforcement action.

Cllr Wilkinson said there are community litter bins in some of the hotspot areas such as at the bottom of Bent Spur Road next to South Avenue field.

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Cllr Wilkinson said: “The vast majority of dog owners take responsibility for cleaning up after their dogs. However, the inconsiderate few still refuse to do the same.

“After several complaints in the Prestolee area the dog enforcement control unit visited the area. The dog warden and I walked around the area and highlighted some of the hotspots.

“Unfortunately, many of the surfaces in this area are unsuitable for dog fouling stencils but he has located a few locations and will complete the stencils in due course.

“A reminder that dog fouling and discarding dog poo bags are both offences.

“You can report dog fouling or highlight any particularly bad areas near you by visiting or call 01204 346632.”

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