Bolton will be one of around of a third of councils across the country to declare its results overnight this week.

Voters will also be going to the polls to elect a Greater Manchester Mayor, with Labour’s Andy Burnham seeking a third term.

But people have been reminded to make sure that they bring photographic ID like a driving licence or a passport with them or risk being turned away at the polls.

Bolton Council chief executive Sue Johnson said: "We want everyone who wishes to vote in the upcoming local elections to be able to do so.

"It is never too early to check you are registered, you have a valid ID."

The Bolton News: Around a third of seats at Bolton Council are in playAround a third of seats at Bolton Council are in play (Image: Newsquest)

The ruling Labour group as well as the opposition Conservatives and Liberal Democrats will be standing candidates for each of the borough’s 21 seats that are in play.

But Bolton will also see one of the highest numbers of candidates from relative newcomers Reform UK, who evolved from Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party and will be standing for all 21 seats.

A total of 316 Reform candidates are standing across the 107 local authorities.

They will be standing under the banner “Reform UK & Bolton for Change.”

Also fielding a large number of candidates will be the Green Party, standing 19 across the 20 wards. 

The party hopes to add to the around 760 seats it already hold across England and Wales.

George Galloway’s Workers Party of Britain will also be making an appearance, fighting for two of the 21 seats in the Hulton and Queens Park and Central ward.

They will be joining 31 candidates standing across 107 councils around the country.

As usual in recent years, Bolton will also see a range of hyper-local and independent parties standing.

Horwich and Blackrod First and Farnworth and Kearsley First are each hoping to hold on to and add to their seats, while the Westhoughton First Independents will be standing two candidates.

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When choosing their next Greater Manchester Mayor, voters will choose between the incumbent Mr Burnham and his five challengers.

They are Liberal Democrat Jake Austin, Reform UK’s Dan Barker, Independent Nick Buckley, Conservative Laura Evans and Bolton-born Green Party candidate Hannah Spencer.

As councils all over the country reveal their results on the night of Thursday, May 2 into the early hours of Friday, May 3, Bolton is expected to start declaring at around 2am.

A result is expected at the Greater Manchester Mayoral election count the following Saturday at around 4pm.