A 20-year-old from Farnworth attempted to steal a motorbike before being detained by a man who he drove into.

Tate Lonie attempted to steal the motorcycle on January 31 last year at a premises on Waters Meeting Road, with an unnamed accomplice. 

Lonie, of Begonia Avenue, Farnworth, tried to ride off with the accomplice riding pillion when a nearby worker approached them. 

The bike hit the worker at close range, before he detained Lonie, with the defendant's passenger fleeing the scene.

Lonie appeared at Bolton Crown Court to be sentenced for dangerous driving and attempted theft.

He had previously pleaded guilty to the offences. 

Prosecuting, Colin Buckle said: "Two gentlemen were at work, Mr Williamson and Mr Iddon.

"Two males arrived on a moped and attempted to steal a motorbike which belongs to Mr Williamson. Mr Iddon went to the back and saw the defendant trying to steal the bike. 

"The defendant manages to get onto the bike and the pillion passenger does the same. 

"The defendant drives directly at Mr Iddon. The complainant was knocked to the floor, thankfully his injuries were relatively minor." 

Judge Jon Close highlighted how, on CCTV footage of the incident, Lonie appears to try and steer away from the man. 

Mr Buckle added: "Mr Iddon bravely wrestles this defendant to the floor and detains him. The pillion passenger makes off, police were called and the defendant was arrested at the scene." 

Mention was also made of Lonie having been convicted for other offences in July 2023, for which he was sentenced to a community order. 

Kevin Liston, defending, said: "He seems to have knuckled down with his community penalty. 

"Mr Lonie is now attending appointments, demonstrating insight and the probation service says he can be managed effectively in the community. 

The Bolton News: Tate LonieTate Lonie (Image: Social media)

"His maturity as he gets older is progressing." 

Mr Liston also pointed out Lonie's work with his mental health issues, his early guilty plea and also the delay in sentencing. 

Concluding, Judge Close said: "It is clear what you did was in a highly dangerous manner, you could have caused significant injury. 

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"However, it was at a short distance, slow speed and it is clear you panicked trying to get away. 

"Initially, your pre-sentence report was deeply worrying. At the time you were clearly subject to using drugs and it appears to be your motive for the theft. 

"What is clear is a damaged and difficult childhood, one you are still struggling with." 

He added: "You appear to have set yourself against society. The impression gained was in essence someone who has given up and was ready to enter the revolving door of custody. 

"However, what that report did offer was a glimmer of hope, you have returned to your mother's address, there was a suggestion you may have underlying mental health issues and you were still young." 

Judge Close highlighted Lonie's engagement with his community order and how he has opened himself to the mental health team, with a diagnosis of depression. 

He sentenced Lonie to 10 months imprisonment, suspended for 18 months. 

He also ordered him to undertake 25 rehabilitation requirement days and to engage in mental health treatment for a year. Lonie was also given a driving ban of 12 months, subject to an extended retest. 

Judge Close added: "There is still a chance for you, you are at a crossroads. On one path, you will go to prison time and again. 

"On the other path, there is hope, you can build something of yourself. 

"You have been given a chance today. I trust you will take it."