Diners were left stunned when the fastest man in the world dropped by a Westhoughton restaurant for a bite to eat.

Usain Bolt stopped at  Ewe Restaurant and Bar with former Wanderers player Ricardo Gardner.

The eight-time Olympic gold medallist and the Jamaican football star knew about the popular place through the owner, a friend of his.

And the chef even whipped up some jerk chicken for Usain – who hails from Jamaica – which he said was a really good effort considering it was cooked up at last minute and made for the first time at the restaurant.

Usain rated it a solid 7.5.

Diners were surprised to see the Olympian as they whispered and looked in his direction.

And he also has plenty of time to speak to them and have his photograph taken with them.

Usain has followed Bolton Wanderers FC through the years through his friend Ricardo, and he told The Bolton News he likes the UK, but the rain is something he will never get used to.

The Bolton News: Usain Bolton with Ewe's Dorin Apetrei, general managerUsain Bolton with Ewe's Dorin Apetrei, general manager (Image: Public)Read some of our top stories below:

Usain said: “It’s always raining here.

“I came here through meeting the owner of the restaurant and we became friends.

“I met him through Ricardo because he lives in Manchester, and he always takes good care of us here, and it gives us a good chance to hang out and have a good as well.

“It’s wonderful to have a friendship that lasts for years, because most of the time if you move away then the friendship dies.”

Ricardo added: “Bolton is my home away from home.

Usain knows Bolton through me, so he always followed Bolton throughout the years.

“And the owner here has always been like a brother to me, so we always keep a good relationship with him.”

The Bolton News: Although Usain and Ricardo retired a few years ago, he says sports is something that will never leave their lives, because it is just who they are.

Usain, a legend on the racetrack, started off playing cricket, and he has slowly started to get back into it.

He said was his cricket coach who ultimately inspired him down the path he went on, after his coach noticed how fast of a bowler he was.

Usain added: “I don’t think sports can leave us because it’s our life and that’s what made us.

“So, I think personally sport is something that will always be a part of our lives.

“I mean I love football, and I watch it daily, too bad I’m a United fan.

“Bolton needs support.”

The Bolton News: Ricardo Gardner with Ewe's chefRicardo Gardner with Ewe's chef (Image: Public)Ricardo added: “No, we’re [Wanderers] doing a lot better, and hopefully we can continue to climb.

“Progress is progress.”

Ricardo says that he has applied a lot of what he learned as a player for the Wanderers into his life now.

He added: “Football has always been a part of my life, but when I represented Jamaica in the World Cup in 1998, I was scouted.

“Because Jamaica is an English-speaking country, I thought the transition would be a lot easier, so when Bolton came up I didn’t hesitate.”

The Bolton News: Usain Bolt with some fansUsain Bolt with some fans (Image: Public)And with Usain’s move into the business world, he says he may team up on a collaboration with the owner of Ewe in the near future.

He said: “If I can start a business here and then want to do more and more, you never know because the future is there, and Bolton is a part of Ricardo, so it would be the best thing and the easiest thing to do.

“I personally don’t deal with the day-to-day things most of the time, unless I need to make a decision and then I dive in and get a recap every three months of what’s going on, and what needs to be done."

But Usain is still quite happy taking easy during his retirement and spending time with those close to him.

He added: “It’s always exciting, but I’m retired so I don’t want to do too much.”

Usain says this is not the last time he will be in Bolton, and he plans to visit again soon.

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