A head spa which has gone viral on TikTok has arrived in Bolton.

The Japanese head spa has become the latest must-have beauty treatment.

Originating in Japan, the treatment includes a hair wash with a special oil and a head, shoulder and chest massage.

Skin by Paige Alexander, in Westhoughton is now offering the special treatment.

Paige said: “It’s a bit like a hair-washing system with Indian head massage as well.

“It’s taken the world by storm on social media like TikTok and Instagram.”

Paige says it is like going to the hairdressers for the hair-wash but includes an indulgent Indian head massage.

She said: “The best part about going to the hairdressers is getting your hair washed.

“And here, you can put scalp treatments on as well.

“We are already popular with skin treatments and now with the massage treatments, it’s a safe space to come to.

“Something I love to do is going to the hairdressers and I wanted to bring this here and I wanted to be the first.”

The official launch of this viral treatment was on April 29, with the whole of May through to June already fully booked.

Paige said: “I did know it would do very well, but it is amazing that we are full until June.

“It’s the ultimate relaxation and improves hair growth and hair condition.

“It’s slightly different from a hair wash as we use oils and a cover placed on your head for oils to be introduced to the hair better.

“It’s relaxation but gives you the benefits of good hair too.

“People feel so welcomed and really relaxed and not a lot of people have it but it is trending.”

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After the idea went viral on TikTok, Paige saw it and decided she wanted to try and bring it to the UK and got in touch with a manufacturer to bring one of the beds required, over to her salon, with a second due to arrive in August.

The treatment costs £115 for 60 minutes and is a 10-step process.

Paige said: “It releases so much tension and you feel like you are walking on clouds.

“Your hair is wet so does not cause damage to your hair follicles as opposed to when dry.

"We all work hard, and I think a treat a month is needed.”