The family of a 'loving and caring' mum say they will 'never get over losing their beautiful girl' following the inquest into her tragic death.

Stephanie Thorpe, from Farnworth, died at the age of just 32 on Sunday, June 25, after attending the Restricted Forest music festival at Blackburn's Witton Park.

The medical cause of death was given as multiple organ failure due to the toxic effects of MDMA, but during the inquest Senior Coroner Dr James Adeley said Stephanie was not a regular drug user, and emphasised this was “not a case of any form of addiction”, but for her an “enhanced way” of experiencing certain events, typical amongst festival goers.

The Bolton News: Stephanie Thorpe and Carl PendleburyStephanie Thorpe and Carl Pendlebury (Image: Public)

Stephanie’s sister Cherie Thorpe said: "The inquest determined that day that there were many combined factors that caused her death and we ask ourselves why her.

"We will never get over losing our beautiful girl."

The Bolton News: Stephanie Thorpe with her partner Carl Pendlebury and their son Alfie Stephanie Thorpe with her partner Carl Pendlebury and their son Alfie (Image: Public)Cherie says that the family are sure that ‘if Stephanie knew what would happen by just taking one tablet, she would have never taken it’.

Cherie described Stephanie as ‘a beautiful person inside and out, and the most loving and caring mummy to Alfie, and a loving girlfriend to Carl Pendlebury’.

Stephanie was known for her sense of humour and her positive attitude to life.

She was the type of person to make friends wherever she went.

Cherie added: “She would have followed him [Carl] to the end of the earth if he asked her to.

“They were inseparable.

“If you knew Stephanie you would also know that she was the funniest person around and she would have everyone belly laughing.

“She made friends everywhere she went. 

“She was full of life, love, and laughter.

The Bolton News: Stephanie was a great daughter, sister, niece, cousin, and most of all a friend to many.

“If you knew her, you were truly blessed.”

Cherie says that the family have been left ‘absolutely heartbroken and devastated knowing they well never hear Stephanie’s voice, or laughter, or see her again’.

Cherie continued: “Our lives will never be the same without her.

“We are sure if Stephanie knew what would have happened that day, by taking just one pill she would never have taken it.

“There is a massive hole in all our hearts and lives where she once was.

“We are still struggling with our loss.”

Stephanie’s loving partner Carl said that Stephanie was his ‘partner in crime’ and they had “something other couples always wanted”.

The Bolton News: Stephanie Thorpe with her partner Carl Pendlebury and their son AlfieStephanie Thorpe with her partner Carl Pendlebury and their son Alfie (Image: Public)Stephanie was Carl’s rock and ‘the best mum’ to their baby boy Alfie, and Carl says Stephanie made him a ‘better person’ after being together for 10 years.

He says that the past nine to ten months have been especially hard for all of the family, but they will ‘never forget’ Stephanie.

Carl said: “We were always together.

“It was always Steph and Carl, in my eyes.

“Everywhere we went if people saw one of us, they were always asking where the other one was. “She was my rock and she made me a better person.

“After seven years we became a family of three, after our little bright blue-eyed boy came into our life - Alfie Peter Pendlebury; the most perfect boy that could walk the planet.

The Bolton News: Stephanie Thorpe with her mum Susan and close friendStephanie Thorpe with her mum Susan and close friend (Image: Public)“She was by far the best mum she could ever be to Alfie.

“He calls the sky ‘mummy’s sky’ when it’s purple and orange as they are her colours.

“She still shines on in all of our hearts.

“We love you mummy, Alfie and Carl.”