A modern interpretation of a famous painting depicting fans walking to a Bolton Wanderers match has now got a sequel. 

Going to the Match was first unveiled in 2004 - no, not that one. Bolton-based artist Nick Taylor created the piece in response to the famous 1953 LS Lowry piece of the same name 20 years ago. 

The original depicted fans on a matchday walking to Bolton Wanderers' former ground, Burnden Park. 

In 2004, Taylor created a modern version of Lowry's piece, showing fans walking to the then-Reebok Stadium, Wanderers' new home, which opened seven years earlier in 1997. 

The Bolton News: Going to the Match 2024 #1Going to the Match 2024 #1 (Image: Nick Taylor)

Now, he has created a pair of paintings as a sequel to the piece, 20 years on. 

Nick said: "This time I wanted to create more detail within the figures combined with areas of semi-abstract brushwork. 

"This has been an ongoing theme within my work over the years, attempting to find a place in between abstract and realism. 

"Working on two pieces simultaneously, in an attempt to find the right balance, both started to find their own direction, which spurred me on to complete both works. 

The Bolton News: Going to the Match 2024 #2Going to the Match 2024 #2 (Image: Nick Taylor)

"Again, in these works I have attempted to capture that 'feel' of walking towards the stadium, the one you're familiar with which holds so many memories - that excited anticipation, tension and being part of something bigger." 

He added: "The pieces are completed in oils, which is my preferred medium, whereas the 2004 version was in pastels. 

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"With oils you can build up your layers of paint to create a greater feeling of depth in smaller areas as well as within the overall painting. 

"Creating that space between abstract and realism, through the combination of detail and looser, expressive brushwork. 

The Bolton News: Bolton artist Nick Taylor created the piecesBolton artist Nick Taylor created the pieces (Image: Nick Taylor)

"This was important with these new works as I wanted that different feel of them - to not be like your typical sports-related artworks." 

While Lowry's original and Nick's original both were painted from an outside perspective, the new pieces are from the crowd's perspective. 

He added: "I wanted to be in the crowd, there is a bit of a vibe at Bolton at the minute. 

"I wanted to look at figures in the crowd and make the viewer feel like they are in the crowd, being part of that, walking to the match, that journey and experience. 

The Bolton News: Nick's original Going to the Match from 2004Nick's original Going to the Match from 2004 (Image: Nick Taylor)

"For me it wasn't just about the football match, it is the whole journey, preparing for the match, being in the crowd, I was more interested in that." 

Five hundred numbered and hand-signed limited edition prints are available on Nick's site, www.gttmcrowd.com, and on the Bolton Wanderers club store. 

Nick's work can also be viewed on his Instagram profiles - @goingtothematch2024 and @nicktaylor_art.