A business owner has made the difficult decision not to reopen her graphic design, printing and photographic shop after a car ploughed into the window.

On July 29 llast year, a car crashed into the shop front on Lee Lane in Horwich, causing major damage to printers, a desk, and display stands.

Owner, Naomi Davies, was left ‘devastated’ and made plans to reopen but this will no longer be possible, as the 28-year-old says she is yet to receive insurance monies and cannot afford to continue.

Naomi now works from home and has started a new business called Genesis Creative which is similar to her Fire Press business.

She said: The shop is not reopening anymore because of the accident, and I am still waiting for a pay-out, which should be with me soon.

The Bolton News:

Naomi said it was ‘gutting’ to not be able to open but said she could not continue with the original business as it was and would now work online.

After the rebrand, Naomi said: “I am trying to move on from it and the new business is offering an online business service.

“So, it felt better to rebrand and redirect myself after all of this.

“Fire Press was online anyway so I have just gone back to online only but there will not be a shop now.

“I may look for a premises in the future but not yet.”

Naomi said it had been ‘stressful’ after the crash.

She said: “I have to go out in Horwich, and a lot of people ask me, and I just do not want to talk about it.

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“I just cannot wait to be rid of the shop now.

“It’s disappointing really because it was a bit different to what was on the high street, and what the town needed.”

Following an arrest at the time, the police confirmed that the person was released without charge.

The business can take on design work, print jobs and other commissions.