I have begun extensive research into the Wingates Poltergeist for a new podcast which will launch later this year.

Between 1993 and 1998, homes on Wingates Grove, Westhoughton were plagued by odd occurrences in and around their homes and I’m looking for anyone who recalls this story, knows somebody who maybe lived around that area at the time or even have experienced anything unusual on Wingates Grove that could be connected to these incidents.

Though many will be aware, a podcast is a spoken word audio series of episodes – there are no cameras involved and people who wish to remain anonymous will not have their name shared.

I’ll get back to each and every response I get, but hoping to find people directly involved as well as anyone who has anything of interest to share. This will be a balanced, non-sensationalist podcast by an experienced journalist and author.

Please contact me at: wingatespodcast@mail.com

David J