Discount supermarket Lidl has unveiled plans to open new stores across Bolton.

Areas earmarked for the potential new stores are Breightmet and Horwich, with relocations in the town centre, Farnworth, Halliwell and Westhoughton which would create hundreds of new jobs in Bolton.

A Lidl supermarket has already been approved for Bromley Cross. 

The German discount chain, which is now the UK’s sixth biggest supermarket, is targeting thousands of new shoppers as it continues its expansion across the nation.

Lidl said it is looking for sites for new stores in a swathe of locations across the UK.

It currently has about 960 stores but is targeting more than 1,100 across England, Wales and Scotland.

It said it needs to open supermarkets in prominent locations with easy access and a strong flow of traffic or pedestrians, allowing for unit sizes between 18,000 and 26,500 square feet, and more than 100 car parking spaces.

If it successfully finds a good location, it is willing to pay a finder’s fee of 1.5 per cent of the total freehold purchase price, or 10 per cent of the first year’s rent for leaseholds, which would equate to £22,500 for a completed £1.5 million site purchase.

A finder’s fee can be paid to any member of the public who identifies a suitable site for it to open a new store.

Lidl's wish list of areas to create new stores follows what the supermarket says is  'follows a year of significant investment in its infrastructure to further strengthen operations', during which Lidl opened its largest global warehouse in Luton.

Lidl already has stores on Derby Street, Manchester Road, Crompton Way, and Albert Road.

It is unclear what the ‘relocations will entail as of yet.

Lidl says the areas highlighted are of interest to Lidl which are desirable for new stores and represent a long list of potential sites, from which a small number will eventually be developed and opened as stores.

Richard Taylor, Lidl GB Chief Development Officer, said: “Having fortified our infrastructure with significant investments like Luton, which is the largest warehouse in the Lidl world, we're proud to have achieved record market share this month.

“We have also been the fastest growing bricks and mortar supermarket for the past seven months in a row.

“With an exceptional store network and our laser focus on operational excellence, we’re welcoming more customers through our doors than ever before, which positions us perfectly for continued expansion.

“As we celebrate our 30th year, our commitment to ensuring that all households across the country have access to high quality produce at affordable prices is stronger than ever.

“We’re planning to open hundreds of new Lidl stores but ultimately see no ceiling on our ambition or growth potential.

“This is why we’re continuing to invest in new locations whilst exploring innovative routes to expansion.

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“As we look ahead, we’re excited to welcome even more new shoppers to our existing stores, as well as those we’re planning to open across the country in the coming months and years.”

Lidl is keen on prominent locations with easy access and strong pedestrian or traffic flow.

The discounter has also been optimising and enhancing its existing estate.

This has included the completion of an extension to its Welsh distribution centre in Bridgend, along with significant progress in its Belvedere warehouse expansion, which will result in its size and capacity being doubled once the project is complete.

Lidl's list of desired sites in Bolton

Bolton - Astley Bridge (relocation)

Bolton - Breightmet

Bolton - Central (relocation)

Bolton - Farnworth (relocation)

Bolton - Halliwell (relocation)

Bolton - Horwich

Bolton - Westhoughton (relocation)