A closure notice has been served on a property as police vow to continue to crackdown on anti-social behaviour and crime.

Great Lever's Neighbourhood police have been working in close partnership with Bolton at Home and Greater Manchester Police's legal services to issue the notice at the address on Linslade Gardens.

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A spokesman for the neighbourhood police team said: "The aim of the closure notice is to tackle antisocial behaviour and criminality occurring within that particular address.

"The notice specifically prohibits all parties apart from Bolton At Home representatives, emergency services and the tenant from being present within that address for the duration it is in force.

"This legislation gives police officers the power to arrest any persons found within that property, within 48 hours of its issue and present them to the court.

"Within that 48 hour period an application must be made to the magistrates court for an extension of this notice up to a maximum period of 3 months."

The spokesman added: "We are committed to tackling your local priorities and hopefully this should send a message that antisocial behaviour and criminality will not be tolerated and your local teams will work in partnership to tackle it.