The first ever Green Party councillor has been elected in Bolton at this year’s local elections.

Hanif Alli topped the poll in Halliwell, unseating Labour’s Kevin Morris at the polls this Thursday’s election with 1523.

The newly elected Cllr Alli put this down to both local factors and to strong feelings in the area about the conflict in Gaza.

He said: “The feeling on the streets, people were telling us, I had a feeling that we were doing well.

“You could see the frustration of people who were fed up with the roads, the cost of living, especially the issue going on in Palestine.

“We can’t keep on seeing what’s been going on our screens whilst nothing is being done about it by the two major parties.

“So, we kind of had an inkling but we didn’t know exactly where it would end up.

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“Being the first Green councillor means a lot because now other wards will think we can do it as well and we’re no longer seen as a wasted vote, we’re actually a contender, we’re in the game.”

Labour’s Kevin Morris, who was first elected in last year’s all out election but finished runner up to Cllr Alli with 1273.

Also standing were Reform UK & Bolton for Change candidate Norman Cryer, Conservative Kubbar Alom and Liberal Democrat Caroline Anne Turner-Preece.