In 2022 Queen Elizabeth II died, Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard gripped the world, and Russia invaded Ukraine, however, the great Lurpak crisis stands out in memory.

In its online store, Sainsbury's was charging £7.25 for a 750g tub of the lightly salted favourite, Asda selling for £6, and Tesco £5.30.

At the time, the 'bricks of yellow gold' symbolised the UK's spiralling cost of living crisis. In 2024, it is the turn of olive oil to demonstrate how bad inflation has got, but I digress.

A statement from Lurpak's owner Arla Foods said at the time: "We understand that recent inflation in food price is hitting many households really hard right now.

"Unfortunately, our farmers are facing a similar situation with prices for the feed, fertiliser and fuel they need to produce milk, all rising significantly in recent months.

"While we don't set the prices on the shelves, we do work closely with the retailers to ensure our farmers receive a fair price for the milk they produce."

According to Statisa, Lurpak is the leading brand of butter in the UK, arguably the pioneer of toast.

Tea and toast, the ultimate hangover cure, breakfast, bedtime snack, you name it the list goes on.

Lurpak has spread supreme over the toast world for decades, so I wondered, can it be topped?

Off I went to pick up a big white bloomer loaf (special bread was called for) and got salted butter from Asda, Tesco, Aldi, M&S, and also another branded butter that can be found in most shops. These were the results:

Tesco British Salted Block Butter 250g - £1.89


First up was Tesco, and I wasn't excited to try this one. The lump block had a pretty depressing packaging that made it look unappealing. 

However, it didn't taste too bad on toast. Don't get me wrong, I had to wait an age for it to loosen up when I took it out of the fridge, but it was ok, especially for the price.

Seemed to me like a good baking butter perhaps?

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ASDA Salted Butter 250g - £1.89


The exact same weight and price as Tesco but far from the same taste, I could've sworn this was lard.

I only managed a few bites before getting rid of it.

Although I doubt this is meant for toast, it does not mean it's entirely unusable. As I'm left with a big block now, I think I'm going to make a garlic and herb butter out of it and use it for basting.

ALDI's Nordpak Spreadable Slightly Salted 500g - £2.19


This, I believe, only comes in 500g but what can I say except oh my word?

I am a Nordpak enthusiast, I'll admit it, but I have never really compared it to Lurpak so thoroughly before. From the fridge to the counter, there was no messing about getting it spread.

From aroma to flavour, it was creamy yet rich. ALDI really is the best store in my eyes for this exact reason, it produces quality goods for half the cost of most places.

£2.19 for 500g is a ridiculously good price for this butter.

M&S Organic British Salted Butter 250g - £3.40


Posho has entered the chat.

Boy was this a nice butter. This rich, organic British salted butter is made at the family-run Brue Valley farm in Somerset and tastes the best out of all of the kinds of butter.

However, £3.40 for 250g is scandalous.

Country Life British Salted Butter 250g - £2 in most stores


Salted butter contains added salt and is most people’s go-to for spreading on toast, bagels, and muffins, and for sautéing eggs and vegetables, however, I wouldn't spread this butter on my worst enemy.

As bad if not worse than Asda.

Lurpak 250g - £2.50


Judging from mysupermarketcompare, the cheapest tub of 250g Lurpak is £2.50 in Iceland.

Lurpak is the gold standard in the butter world, but I'm now unsure why. It was creamy and delicious on toast (especially in big quantities), but nothing special.

Don't get me wrong, it's perfect for spreading on bread or seasoning vegetables with, but the fluctuating price of this butter from store to store is really not warranted, especially when you have Nordpak on the market.