Supermarkets are something we all take for granted nowadays, simply a part of modern life. 

As much as they are ever-present, and seemingly will be for the foreseeable future, there has been much change in supermarkets in Bolton over the years. 

There are many brands that simply no longer exist, like Safeway, Kwik Save, Netto and even Farnworth's own chain, Hanburys, which all disappeared from the town a long time ago. 

Hanburys started in 1889 when Jeremiah Hanbury opened a small store in Market Street, Farnworth, selling butter and bacon. 

By the time it was sold in 1997 to the Co-op, it had 31 stores across the North West, including eight in Bolton. 

There were also branches of still-existing companies that no longer stand, such as Iceland and Morrisons. 

Take a look through our gallery of lost supermarkets around the borough from the archives, with a few old pictures of still-standing shops thrown in, as we know you love to see the nostalgic old snaps. 

Which were your favourite to shop at? Let us know in the comments below.