A new café is opening in a bid to stop a cricket club from folding.

The Deane and Derby Cricket Club has been open for many years led by community figures, to help the deprived area, and to give youth and adults, a place to go, play cricket, take part in fitness, and mix with others.

But the club is at risk of closure due to the lack of funds.

The club is applying for grants to help it with new funding and income in order to stay open.

The Deane and Derby Cricket Club will now be opening The Sunnyside Café on Friday.

The Bolton News: Deane & Derby Cricket Club

Ismail Kala, Secretary of the Cricket Club, said: “We didn’t have anything there and had a grant opportunity from Sporting Asset and for stability of the club, we needed to create income, so we applied and got given a grant for six months so we can start and can continue if we do well.

“The idea came about as we were made aware of this grant by Bolton Public Health, so we have been working with them.

“We are very excited about this opening and hoping to do well. Everyone is excited.”

The café will put funds back into the club as well as become a hub for the community.

Mr Kala said: “It will help us to make some profit and go back towards running the club.

“It is a community café that we have got, and we want to involve the community because we have gardens created by Greater Manchester Green Space fund and that is open to the community.

“It is very important as it is just not a Cricket Club, but a community hub and I think it is a good idea that we can offer some service to the community and offer them cheaper food that you cannot usually buy from other food places.

The club hold adult and junior cricket as well as a senior team, T20 days, and fitness classes for women.

Mr Kala said: “Our goal is to carry on with the club for it to be standing there for years and years.

“Being in a deprived area, our source of income is subscription, and it is the lowest in the town as people cannot afford to pay too much.

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“If we closed, it would be very bad and affect the community because many people come here such as those who are alone and depressed and we cheer them up when they come and talk to people.

“The kids will not have anything here and be out on the street making a nuisance of themselves so at least we can occupy them.”

Mr Kala says that Bolton needs the Cricket Club as it is affordable and has become a home for many South Asian and asylum refugee communities.