Roads in Westhoughton have been marked up for repair – but councillors say there are many more roads with huge 'craters' that need to be fixed.

Amongst the potholes being repaired are on France Street, The Hoskers and Hindley Road near the entrance to Hazeldene.

Cllr David Wilkinson said this is welcome news but there are many roads in his ward and further afield in the borough that are in need of repair with roads in a dangerous condition.

He said: “It is starting to become a case of which road isn’t marked up ready for repair.

“We send emails to highways about roads which are in bad condition frequently.

A road was done in the last few days, the Broadwalk, which we have reported several times over the last few weeks because that was at the entrance to the estate, and it was getting deadly because there were numerous potholes in a very small location.

“We have craters in some places, huge potholes, and the roads in many locations are now what I would call extremely dangerous.

“And not just for motorists who may drive through them but also for anybody who is a cyclist, or a motorcyclist.

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“People on bikes are putting themselves at a serious risk due to the potholes, the roads in this town and across Bolton are now disintegrating so fast it is unbelievable.

“I believe we are going to get some money out of the HS2 money from the government, £432,000, that will do very little in terms of road safety.”

Cllr Wilkinson said it is not just potholes that are a problem.

He said: “The amount of repairs on our roads is exceeding the capacity of actually keeping them safe in my opinion.

“We are seeing potholes appear everywhere.

“Highways have told me they have taken on more contractors to do the work and it is still not enough.

“In Westhoughton we don’t just have potholes we have road breakup and road top surface stripping.

“There are even some roads where there is a collection of potholes – one after the other.”

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