A town centre nightclub is to offer bottomless brunches, musical bingo nights and a place to watch football as it becomes an 'events space'.

Element 51 on Nelson Square opened in April last year, providing a bar and club space with various dance music nights. 

Now, after having been open for a year, the venue will no longer operate as a nightclub, instead to be used as an "events space". 

Ticketed events will be offered, such as bottomless brunches, musical bingo nights and it will even operate as a fan zone for matches at the upcoming Euro 2024 football tournament. 

The Bolton News: The fan zone room with big screenThe fan zone room with big screen (Image: Element 51)

The venue will also boast a new pizza kitchen, as well as an updated sound system and light setup. 

Owner, Simon Kaden-Smith, said: "It has been tough for everybody in the industry. We are still not out of the deep water but I think, watching the way things are changing and Bolton is changing, people are not wanting to come in, but we are trying to change that perception. 

"It will be an event space, we won't open weekly to the public, now it will solely be for events. 

"For example, we are working on a high-energy bingo night, which is solely music-based right the way through, as opposed to other bingo nights which have that lull in between as people are filling out numbers. 

The Bolton News: Second roomSecond room (Image: Element 51)

"We have got the pizza kitchen in there.

"We will have handmade stonebaked pizzas, which can be used for different events, like the bottomless brunch." 

He added: "As well as that we are doing private events, such as a Bar Mitzvah in January. We are trying to offer a good space in Bolton, nowhere else in the town is offering that kind of space. 

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"We have redone the sound again, redone the LED wall, and a laser show added to that. It will operate now as two rooms, a smaller one of 300 people can be self-contained, that is more relaxed. 

"Then the larger one which can be a fan zone, which we are looking to create ahead of the Euros, we will have a big screen and we have multiple screens in that room. 

The Bolton News: Fan zone roomFan zone room (Image: Element 51)

"Some good drinks offers and a really good DJ on big England games to add to the atmosphere, making it that little bit different." 

The final itself and an after party will be held at the venue.