Doors and windows could be set to be replaced on a listed building.

If approved, this will mean that the doors and windows will be changed on a house on Chorley Old Road in Horwich, BL6 6ZP.

You can see the application for yourself by going to Bolton Council’s planning portal and searching for the reference: 18142/24.

Other recent planning application put before the council include:

18157/24 Prior notification application for a proposed larger home extension at rear (4M long, 3.67M max height, 2.8M eaves height) on Kilsby Close, Farnworth, BL4 7TJ.

18152/24 Pruning of a lime at Barley Brook Meadow, Bolton, BL1 7HP.

18138/24 Discharge of condition 2 (contaminated land – verification report) on application 11258/21 at Vale House Avenue, Horwich, BL6 5RF.

18146/24 Removal of flat roof to rear extension and installation of pitched roof together with associated alternations on Eastbank Street, Bolton, BL1 8LT.

18145/24 Erection of a single storey front and side extension on Seaford Road, Bolton, BL2 4BY.

18144/24 Demolition of existing conservatory and the erection of a single storey rear extension together with an erection of a single storey extension at Bradshaw Hall Drive, Bolton, BL2 4NY.

18140/24 Certificate of lawful development (s192) for the proposed restructure of the existing day room on Old Rake, Horwich, BL6 6SA.

18139/24 Notice of intention to fell a sycamore on Bolton Road, Bradshaw, Bolton, BL2 3EU.

18136/24 Discharge of condition 6 (contaminated land – verification report) and 20 (soil testing methodology – verification report) on application 16932/23 (as amended by 17776/24 and 17951/24) at Royal Bolton Hospital, Minerva Road, Farnworth, BL4 0JR.

18135/24 Installation of plant room to front elevation at Westhoughton High County Secondary School, Bolton Road, Westhoughton, BL5 3BZ.

18137/24 Erection of a front extension together with conversion of a garage into a habitable room on Delph Brook Way, Egerton, BL7 9UB.

18133/24 Discharge of condition 3 (survey of existing culvert), 4 (tree protection measures), 6 (materials) and 11 (manure trailer removal scheme) on application 16890/23 on land west of Blackburn Road, Egerton, BL7 9EP.

18124/24 Demolition of existing rear conservatory together with the erection of a single storey flat roof summer room with a glazed room atrium to the rear of the property on Stitch Mi Lane, Bolton, BL2 3PR.

Applications and plans can be viewed at

People can also check the progress of applications and comment on current applications in the consultation period.

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