A Bolton man rang the police to tell them he had planted a bomb in his hotel room and at a nearby supermarket.

John Mann was on the phone to police for eleven minutes after making the call in October last year.

Bolton Crown Court heard it became apparent he was in a state of distress, but officers still had to carry out a search in case bombs were present.

He had said there were bombs at the Broomfield Hotel on Wigan Road, Deane where he was staying  and at the nearby Tesco.

Sophie Kenny, prosecuting, said: “He reported that he had made two bombs. He said that if police attended he would start stabbing people.

“Officers attended at Broomfield and he refused to allow officers in. They forced entry and he was tasered.

“He told officers he did not build and bomb. A search for explosives was negative.

“He said at interview if released he would harm someone but he could not say why.”

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At court, Mann, 41, from Chip Hill Road, Daubhill, Bolton, appeared to be sentenced after admitting communicating false information in regard to a bomb hoax.

Harriet Lavin, defending, said: “He was in a complete mental health crisis. He spent seven weeks in hospital after. There has been no further offending.

“The caller from three minutes into the call does not see him as a threat.”

Judge Nicholas Clarke KC warned of the devastating impact of bomb hoaxes.

He said: “Within Greater Manchester people know the devastating impact that can occur if such explosive devices are detonated.”

But he said there was a prospect of rehabilitation and Mann did not pose a risk.

He suspended a sentence of eight months for two years and ordered him to do a 12-month alcohol treatment requirement, 30 rehabilitation activity requirement days and to do 120 hours of unpaid work.