A vehicle was stopped on a motorway in the north-est with twenty oil drums "able to bounce around," police have said.

The alarming discovery was made on the M62 at Junction 7 at Widnes.

The North West Motorway Police say they encountered the vehicle heading in a westbound direction.

The Bolton News: The van

They say that twenty oil drums were not strapped or secured and so were able to bounce around as it travelled.

A spokesperson said yesterday evening: "This vehicle was stopped M62 westbound at junction seven.

"Twenty oil drums in the rear of the vehicle not strapped or secured so able to bounce around as the vehicle drove down the motorway.

"Driver had straps but thought it was okay not to use them."

The Bolton News: The oil

They added: "The driver was reported for insecure load."

Images release by police show multiple red oil drums stacked together in the back of the van alongside a wheel next to them.