A dad got the shock of his life when he saw a snake in his back garden while cleaning up after a barbecue.

Zak Raja was at his home in Lostock cleaning furniture ready for a barbecue at 7pm when he saw something slither away in front of him.

Not believing his eyes, he called his sister-in-law who was nearby, and confirmed that he had spotted a snake.

He said: “We had barbecues on both Saturday and Sunday and were putting the furniture away and I saw this big snake going into the furniture.

“I called my sister while the kids were screaming.

“I could not believe it, so I rang RSPCA, and  they said they’d come pick it up, but they did not.

“I had a litter picker, so I picked it up and put it in the box, and it is still in there with a weight on top, and I am hoping it is a friendly snake and have left it water.”

The family think they have found someone’s pet corn snake, but this is yet to be confirmed.

In the pictures, the snake can be seen in pictures next to furniture.

Zak said: “I think it is a corn snake as my son has one at school and said he thinks it is.

“It must be someone’s pet as it would not survive here otherwise.

“I was doing a bit of gardening when I saw it and I hope I did not disturb the nest if it had one.

“When the kids saw it, it was complete hysterics.”

The family live in a private gated community with the snake, which the family have named Petra, living in a box outside until the RSPCA collect it.

Zak said: “I feel bad as I would not want it to be suffocated or anything.

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“Nobody has been in touch yet and for all they know, it can be anything.

“I mean it is obviously not venomous, but they didn’t even give me any advice on what to do.

“I want this person to have their pet back.

“The kids have gone out and are excited to tell their friends although I don’t think any of their friends will be coming over any time soon.”

RSPCA have been approached for comment.