Greater Manchester Police say they are attending incidents within 10 minutes - as a shake-up of operational duties begins to show results.

Chief Constable Stephen Watson came into post in 2021 and introduced a ‘back to basics’ policing approach, with the force pledging it would make significant improvements to fight crime, protect victims, and keep communities safe.

Greater Manchester Police say that over the past three years, officers have substantially improved response to victims in their time of need by picking up the phone in seconds and getting to incidents within minutes.

This year, the police recorded 35,726 emergency incidents. This equates to around 11,300 incidents per month, 2,600 per week and 370 per day.

Officers attended those incidents in nine minutes 34 seconds on average.

This is well inside the national expected standard of 15 minutes and was faster than the average last year, which was more than 10 minutes.

A spokesman for the force said the response time to priority incidents have 'significantly improved' over the past three years.

Arrests have almost doubled from 32,996 to 64,729 in that three-year period, "underlining the significant changes that have been made to dealing with live incidents since CC Stephen Watson came into post".

Assistant Chief Constable Matt Boyle, Head of Response Policing at GMP said: “Our reaction to ongoing incidents means that we can get to yourself and your loved ones quicker, which in turn provides a more effective service for those who live, work, and visit Greater Manchester.

“Our response officers who attend emergency and priority incidents are essentially the face of Greater Manchester Police, their hard work and dedication is unquestionable, often putting themselves in harms way for the safety of the public.

“The work we have done over the last three years has seen GMP improve significantly and work is ongoing as we continue on our journey to be the best force we can be.”