A law firm will be holding a special 'will month' to encourage more people's wishes after their death are fulfilled as well as raising money for an 'amazing cause'.

Until the end of May Clough & Willis, based in Little Lever and Bury, will help people create their wills in exchange for donations to Bury Hospice at its Manchester Road office in Bury.

The suggested donations are £100 for a single will, or £150 for mirror wills, which are usually for a couple and are identical.

Private client solicitor Rafia Faruk said: “Many people put off making a will which is a real mistake.

“There’s a misconception that it’s a complicated process but the reality couldn’t be more different.

The Bolton News: Clough & Willis is raising funds for Bury HospiceClough & Willis is raising funds for Bury Hospice (Image: Newsquest)

“The aim of the will month is to show how easy and important it actually is whilst raising money for an amazing cause.”

The firm’s aim is to make the process of making wills as simple as possible and that anyone interested can make an appointment with Ms Faruk.

During the appointment, details of the clients wishes will be taken so that a draft will can be prepared and sent to them for approval.

When this is complete, clients will be asked if they wish to make any changes and, once they are happy, they will be invited back into the office, or a copy will be posted for them to sign.

Clough & Willis’s fund-raising efforts come at an important time for Bury Hospice, which opened its doors in June 1991.

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Since then, the hospice has helped thousands of people through some of the most difficult times in their lives with specialist, compassionate and palliative end-of-life care.

But it costs around £4M to run the hospice’s services, with only a 13 per cent contribution coming from the NHS.

The rest of its income is raised via streams which include fundraising, like Clough & Willis’s will month as well as by running charity shops and lottery schemes.

Bury Hospice chief executive Helen Lockwood said: “We’d like to thank Clough & Willis for their ongoing support and we hope this will month is a big success as all donations will directly benefit our work.”