A scheme which bans cars from the school gates at pick-up and drop-off times has been hailed a success by children, teachers and even parents.

Now the first school in Bolton to introduce the initiative is looking to expand it so youngsters "don't have to worry about cars". 

St Peter's CE Primary School in Farnworth began trialling their 'School Streets' initiative last year

The scheme closes off three streets around the school, Alexandra Street, Lark Street and Bradford Street, at open and close every Tuesday. 

Parents, teachers and children have all voiced their support for it, praising the peace and safety that it brings to the area. 

Now, St Peter's CE Primary is looking to expand School Streets to run throughout the week. 

The Bolton News: Vicki Smith, a teacher at the schoolVicki Smith, a teacher at the school (Image: Newsquest)

Vicki Brown, who is a Year Two teacher at the school and in charge of the scheme, said: "For the last year we have had the school streets closed every Tuesday morning from 8.30am-9am and in the afternoon from 3pm-3.40pm. 

"It has been successful because the school is still quieter and the roads are much safer. 

"Other days of the week are very busy, with cars pulling up. 

"We have got the use of Tesco car park, parents can park there and walk, which is around a two minute walk." 

She added: "We want to expand the scheme to five days a week. We need a minimum of four volunteers each session to close the street, and ultimately we would like a pool of volunteers that we can call upon each day to run it. 

"We do have some parents who help out, Chris Reddy of Bright Leaders and a couple of governors. 

The Bolton News: A previous School Streets at St Peter'sA previous School Streets at St Peter's (Image: St Peter's CE Primary School)

"But the point of it is to keep the children safe, reducing the amount of cars and encouraging them to walk, cycle and scoot. It is nice they can go in the road." 

Vicki added that Tesco has agreed to start a reward scheme for volunteers, who can earn stamps towards a free drink

Indi Garner, aged 11, said: "It definitely makes it easier to walk, you feel you don't have to worry about cars, people driving up and down really quickly. 

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"It makes it a lot nicer an environment, it feels much better." 

Bonnie Layton, aged 11, said: "It is so much quieter and more peaceful because the children can walk across the road, still trying to be safe, but without the worry. 

"They are having fun without worrying." 

Indi added: "Winter in Reception likes to ride up and down on her bike, her dad doesn't have to worry about cars going up and down and can just let her ride." 

Aiden Aleko, aged 10, said: "It feels really good because parents can let us walk free in the road. 

The Bolton News: A quiet Alexandra Street during the schemeA quiet Alexandra Street during the scheme (Image: Newsquest)

"It makes it a lot more peaceful with parents not driving everywhere and it makes less people drive which is better for the environment." 

Parent, Kelly Mahorn said: "It is a good idea, when it's closed off you can walk in the road. 

"My daughter is in a buggy and it can get too busy on the path, but with this I can just go into the road. 

"If it keeps the children safe then it is all good." 

She also voiced her support for it happening more regularly. 

The Bolton News: Children leaving the school on the peaceful roadChildren leaving the school on the peaceful road (Image: Newsquest)

Guy Majury said: "Anything that is good for the children. I think they enjoy the walk, especially when it is not raining! 

"I think everyone agrees that it is a good thing, and it encourages children anyway that you can't always rely on cars. 

"I think all around it is a good thing." 

Maria Juhamgir, a parent at the school and a nearby resident, said: "Today it is safe but I am concerned about my son sometimes, when he is crossing the road I am worried about people speeding." 

Ms Juhamgir said that the scheme is an "improvement" and that she thought extending it was a good idea. 

St Peter's welcomes any volunteers who would be interested in helping out with School Streets. They can be contacted on 01204 333090.