David Walliams has revealed the new comedy show he is writing with Matt Lucas is “a little bit edgy” and has a “whole cast of new characters”.

It comes following the controversy over Little Britain which ran for three seasons from 2003 until 2006.

Towards the end of last year (October 2023), an episode was described as “explicitly racist and outdated”, and people were surprised it was still available on BBC iPlayer, according to audience research by Ofcom.

But now speaking on The Therapy Crouch podcast with husband and wife duo Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy, David has teased fans with what they can expect from his latest work with Matt and has warned "some people might be a little bit shocked".

David Walliams says people might be 'a little bit shocked' over new comedy series

When Peter asked him if he was writing for Little Britain again, David responded: “We’re writing again but we’re writing something different and new.

“We might like to do Little Britain maybe on the stage again one day but we want to do entirely new characters just because like with Come Fly With Me we had a whole cast of new characters."

“It is good fun writing together and it does make a change from writing on your own, which I say is quite lonely, so the two of us bouncing off each other and also you know Matt is such an amazing performer with all his voices and everything, it’s brilliant to see and he can kind of key in to a performance a lot quicker than I can. So we have had a lot of fun.

“We have come up with something, it’s a little bit edgy.”

Abbey then quizzed David over what he meant by “edgy”, as he explained: “Well there is jokes in it that are like not in the terrible days but like Little Britain was and Come Fly With Me, like a lot of comedy is, which is, it’s on the edge.

“It’s not trendy, it’s edgy as in walking a line between you know like some people might be a little bit shocked.”

When asked if it’s “hard to tone that line” by Peter, David went on to say: “Well it’s weird I think it’s where you are because do you watch like Netflix comedy specials with Dave Chappelle, Jimmy Carr, Ricky Gervais?

“They’re all really really edgy and they’re very exciting and funny and shocking and all these things.

“The thing is, a lot of people, not everybody, like it that way and I grew up watching Life of Brian which at the time was banned in certain countries and people protested outside the cinema.”

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He added: “I’ve always liked things that are kind of on that edge. But I do think it kind of depends on where you are doing it and what time you are doing it.

“I mean, I like edgy comics, Jimmy Carr, I think he’s amazing, Frankie Boyle, he’s incredible.”

When speaking about how much he loved Morecambe and Wise and Laurel and Hardy, he said: “I’ve always liked the rude stuff too and the shocking stuff and the dangerous stuff. Sometimes things are explosively funny.”

You can watch the entire episode of The Therapy Crouch with David Walliams on YouTube now.